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At Hans Jakob Klein it is our customers who take the leading role

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Expertise is our Tradition

It takes nature eons to produce a gemstone.
At Hans Jakob Klein it is our mission to work out its natural beauty in the most refined way. 
Since three generations the family of Hans Jakob Klein purveys the most desirable gemstones from mines from all over the world.

Immerse yourself in the multifaceted world of Hans Jakob Klein's gemstones and get inspired.

Our Gemstones: 

100% German Craftsmanship

From the selection of the rough stones to the fine polishing, every step is done by our skilled artisans. 

We fashion quality in Germany


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Royal blue, or maybe apple green? Sapphires are being found in the most diverse colors. We seek out the most alluring sapphires for your creative work. The most prominent countries of origin are Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia and the USA.

  • blau-Saphir-antik-vin-1000x1000
  • grün-Saphir-rund-1000x1000
  • orange-Saphir-oval-1000x1000


Emeralds mesmerize us with their rich color. Their hue varies according to the mine of origin, making them testimonies to their formation history and to their place of birth. The major countries of origin are Colombia, Zambia and Brasil.

  • Smaragd-8-Eck-Paar-kol-1000X1000
  • Smaragd-8-Eck-bras-1000x1000
  • Smaragd-8-Eck-kol-1000x1000


Being a symbol of passion, protection and wealth, their hues range from pigeon blood to rosé. Our rubies originate mainly from Myanmar, Mozambique, Thailand and Sri Lanka. 

  • Rubin-Paar-rund-1000x1000
  • Rubin-antik-1000x1000
  • Rubin-oval-1000x1000


The realm of tourmalines impresses creators with their richness in nuances. They are blessed with an optical phenomenon called pleochroism. This grants tourmalines a wonderful play of colors when observed from different angles. They are found in a wide range of countries from East Africa to Brasil. 

  • grün-Turmalin-8-Eck-1000X1000
  • Rubellit-antik-u-oval
  • grün-Turmalin-rund-1000X1000


From seawater blue aquamarines to morganites in peach or pink:
The variations of beryl are all about pastel colors. Our beryls originate from Brasil as well as many African countries.

  • grün-Beryll-Paar-antik-1000x1000
  • Aquamarin-princess-cut-1000x1000
  • Morganit-antik-1000x1000


Handcrafted unique pieces are an unequivocal statement of individuality.
We fashion your engravings according to your visions and models, naturally in pure handcraft and in a variety of materials.

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  • Amethyst-Gravur2-1000x1000
  • Amethyst-Gravur-Fertigung-1000x1000

Experience our Gemstones in your Studio

We take our time to come see you in your premises. This way you can inspect our gemstones in your own light conditions. We offer an assortment of single stones as well as matching pairs, or get inspired by our own gemstone compositions. 


Fast, reliable and secure shipping

 We deliver your order to your door. If time is pressing, you will be pleased by our express service. The shipping risk is taken by us.

We offer a 30 day return policy for our in-stock gemstones, no questions asked. 

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